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War Memorial - Chesil Beach Viewpoint, Fortuneswell,
Portland, Dorset, England

1914 - 1919  and  1939 - 1945

In memory of
our glorious dead
1914 - 1918
War Memorial WW I and WW II

Names WW I    1914 - 1918
Allberry, A. J.
Allberry, Sidney F.
Allen, John
Alp, Charles H. W.
Anthony, J. Prior
Attwooll, John R.
Attwooll, William G.
Bacon, Fowler
Baggs, Albert H.
Baggs, Frederick W.
Baigent, Wilfred E.
Baldry, Arthur
Barber, William F.
Baker, Arthur
Baker, Francis G. A.
Barter, William J.
Bechelet, A.
Bennett, A. E.
Bennett, Bertram J. E.
Blake, James V.
Bollen, William J.
Bower, Edwin J.
Bowering, Charles
Bowyer, George F.
Brett, J. F.
Brown, William G.
Brown, William G. H.
Bruce, H. E.
Bruce, S. D.
Burch, Arthur C.
Burden, Edgar G.
Cawtheray, Herbert
Christian, William
Clarke, Charles J.
Clarke, William D.
Collins, Edward J.
Collings, William L-
Comben, Alkfred
Comben, John W.
Cotty, William C.
Cottrell, William
Cooper, William J.
Cox, Ernest H. J.
Cox, Richard
Crabb, George
Crespin, Albert V. S.
Crespin, Charles W. V.
Crespin, Reginald P.
Cross, Edward
Curling, Samuel
Cutler, Alfred G.
Dainty, Edward J. P.
Dealy, Thomas
Dewland, George W.
Diment, Christopher
Dine, C.
Dine, Joseph R.
Dowle, Frank A.
Downs, Ernest
Dronfield, Charles
Names WW I    1914 - 1918
Elliott, Henry (1)
Elliott, Henry (2)
Elliott, Henry S.
Elliott, Walter S.
Exton, Arthur R.
Fall, Harry
Fancy, George H.
Flew, George
Foot, Frederick
Frapple, William
Fuszard, George C.
Fuzzard, William S.
Gamblin, Henry W.
Gee, Charles
Gerrard, Eustace
Godden, Richard
Goodwin, Albert S.
Gould, Richard W.
Grant, W. C.
Groves, Francis E.
Gwin, Harry A.
Gwin, William H.
Hall, William
Hallett, Fred
Handsford, William E.
Handsford, W. G.
Harden, Henry T.
Harding, Arthur L.
Harvey, Fairfax
Haylock, A. H. G.
Hellier, Henry
Hemming, George
Hester, William H.
Hoare, Frederick
Hoskins, William B.
Hoskins, Sidney O.
Howell, G. W.
Hunt, Albert M.
Ibell, William F. T.
Jacomb, Herbert G.
Johnson, Harry J.
Jolliffe, Francis E.
Jones, Henry C.
Kelly, William L.
Lambard, A.
Laming, Thomas A.
Larcombe, Robert
Large, Frank W.
Longman, Reginald J. H.
Lowman, Albert R.
Lucas, Jesse W.
Luker, Frederick
Lynch, Denis
Maquire, Archibald W.
Mansfield, Arthur J.
Marshall, Francis M.
Marshall, Wilfred L. S.
Matts, Hedley V.
Matthews, Frederick J.
Matthews, James S.
Names WW I    1914 - 1918
Matthews, William
Matthews, William C.
Matthews, William G. B.
Milford, John
Milford, Sidney
Mitchell, Robert
Moore, Frank
Morris, Hugh L.
Morris, David
Nation, William
Neville, George H.
Nicklen, William G.
Norman, Charles J.
Osborne, William J. G.
Otter, Thomas F.
Patten, Percy
Pearce, Edward
Pearce, Frederick W.
Pearce, Henry
Pearce, H. T.
Pearce, William (1)
Pearce, William (2)
Pitcher, John R.
Pople, Eli
Pye, Clifford
Reed, Edgar W.
Remington, Wallace
Renow, Sidney J.
Richards, Arthur T.
Robbins, Arthur J.
Robinson, G. Brooke
Roberts, James H.
Roberts, Walter W.
Rolls, Reginald J.
Rowland, Olive K.
Sansom, Richard
Sansom, Robert A.
Sansford, A. R. I.
Sargent, Trevor T.
Saunders, Alfred S.
Saunders, George H.
Saunders, Nicholas G.
Saunders, Percy
Saunders, William J.
Scadden, Frederick
Scadden, Thomas
Shand, John J. F.
Slough, Albert J.
Smith, Alfred C.
Smith, C. E.
Stagg, William E.
Standley, Vernon V.
Stevens, Reginald A.
Stone, Benjamin
Stone, Bert I.
Stone, Charles F. P.
Stone, Harry H.
Stone, Percy V.
Stone, Robert B.
Stone, Thomas
Names WW I    1914 - 1918
Stone, Thomas A.
Stone, Thomas H.
Stone, William A.
Sutton, John Wm. W.
Symes, Alfred W.
Tee, Harry
Thomas, Algernon S. A.
Thorne, William
Thresher, Beauley A.
Tinkler, George
Tizard, Albert V.
Tizard, William H.
Trevett, W.
Tucker, Charles F.
Vallard, Reginald J.
Vanson, Robert W.
Wallis, Frank
Way, Benjamin F.
Way, Cyril C.
Way, Henry
Way, William E.
Way, Lewis H.
Weakley, Lawrence P.
Weloch, William H.
West, Thomas
White, Alex.
White, Albert F.
White, Frederick J.
White, Samuel R.
White, Thomas B.
White, Walter
White, Wilfred B.
White, William (1)
White, William (2)
White, William H. L.
Wilkinson, Joseph W.
Williams, Kenneth S.
Williamson, Thomas C.
Wills, George R.
Wills, Harry E.
Wills, John
Wills, Richard C.
Withers, Arthur W.
Witt, Walter R.
Witt, William G.
Worden, Harry M.
Wren, Henry J. A. G.
Wren, Thomas
Wright, Joseph
Wrigley, Percy B.
Birken, Walter
Cruickshank, George
Grinter, Hubert W.
Cawley, Richard W. P.
Reeves, Jonathan R.
Tune, Arthur C.
Auger, Thomas F.

Names WW II    1939 - 1945
And of those who made the supreme sacrifice
in the Second World War 1939 - 1945
Allberry, Frederick J.
Allen, Arthur F. J. A.
Auger, Thomas F.
Babb, William
Barnes, John A.
Barnes, Robert W.
Batson, Charles A.
Binks, Richard M.
Bowen, George A.
Boyce, Charles E.
Brown, Robert
Bryant, Doreen B.
Bryant, Kenneth P.
Bryant, Louisa K.
Carr, Eddie
Carter, Harry
Clark, Reginald J.
Claxton, Reginald A.
Names WW II    1939 - 1945
Collins-Dryer, Robert
Collins, George H.
Comben, Harry R,
Coombs, Reginald P. G.
Copperthwaite, Frederick
Croad, Annie D.
Dawson, Ernest K.
Dowell, Walter J.
Earnsby, Frederick W.
Fancy, Henry
Farwell, Archer
Farwell, Charles W.
Farwell, Charlotte M. G.
Farwell, Diana
Farwell, Nellie
Farwell, Violet
Frost, Rose
Gale, Robert A.
Gibbs, Harry C.
Gibbs, William T.
Godwin, Albert E.
Godwin, Fred W.
Graham, Leslie
Greenwall, Henry
Hamlin, Robert
Harding, Frederick C.
Harding, Kathleen
Harding, Rachael K.
Harris, Reginald W.
Heavens, Alfred E.
Names WW II    1939 - 1945
Hendy, Peter
Hoare, Stanley J.
Hoskins, James W.
Illingworth, Thomas C.
Keel, Kenneth E.
Lake, Edward
Lees, Christopher R.
Lynch, Donald
MacKenzie, Gordon
Male, Gerald A.
McIvor, William A.
McIvor, William J.
Milford, Frank
Miller, William R.
Millwater, Stanley
Newton, Wilfred
Norrish, Leslie
Nursaw, Guy E.
Otter, Charles E.
Otter, Robert H.
Packer, Reginald J.
Packer, Vivian L.
Peavitt, Leonard P. F.
Reid, Francis J.
Roberts, Ernest G.
Robinson, James T.
Robson, Albert
Russell, Edmund
Saunders, Ronald V.
Score, Richard
Names WW II    1939 - 1945
Seaward, Thomas H. W.
Short, Alwyne
Shrives, Edward H.
Simpson, Kenneth H.
Smith, Joseph
Spencer, Henry B. J.
Stevens, Henry
Stone, Edward R.
Frampton, Maurice J.
Carlisle, Godfrey I.
Taylor, Raymond V.
Thomas, William G.
Trim, George H.
Turner, Herbert L.
Tyler, Lionel D.
Uffen, Bernard
Wake, Fred
Walbridge, George E. F.
Winter, George E.
Carter, John W. G.
Williams, William
Wilson, Albert E.
Winter, (Churchouse) Albert L.
Winter, Alfred E.
Witt, Edwin J.
Witt, William T.
Wollage, Reginald W.
Wren, Victor G.
Winter, Leonard W.
Kelly, William Edward


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.


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