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Roll of Honour - Swindon, Wiltshire, England
Great Western Railway

1914 - 1919

Roll of Honour

This memorial is in the form of a illuminated manuscript that was plainly created with great dedication and which somehow survived the upheaval that arose from the conversion of a redundant railway factory that closed in 1986 into a retail shopping mall. It commemorates the ninety-eight men who worked in "W" Shop of the Great Western Railway factory who fought in the Great War and of whom twelve died. 'W' Shop was close by this memorial and is marked on this 1911 plan as "Fitters, Turners and Machine Men".

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Pro Patria

O Commemorat
the memory of the
men of W shop
who rallied to their Countrys call
during the Great War 1914 - 1919
J. Ambrose
D. G. Andrews
L. W. Balch
H. J. Baldwin
W. A. H. Bizley
C. D. J. Bland
A. F. Brett
F. G. Bull
S. E. Burt
H. C. Burton
R. Chalmers
E. C. Chandler
A. J. Clack
E. J. Cousins
A. J. B. Cowley
A. Davis
R. Drummond
A. E. Duck
W. H. Ealey
W. Edwards
C. G. Evans
W. T. Ewens
A. B. Franklin
D. M. Freeth
F. Fricker
C. E. Froud
C. W. Gardiner
F. C. Goddard
C. Griffin
F. J. Harrod
R. T. Hanks
W. F. W. Hinton
F. Hiscocks
C. G. Holton
D. Hoskins
C. N. Hughes
W. Hunt
A. J. Jones
R. Keefe
E. V. Ps. King
F. R. Kirk
R. W. S. Kirk
H. G. Kirkman
M. J. Leighfield
A. G. Lewis
W. C. Lewis
H. S. Lovelock
H. A. Macran
W. E. Marsh, M. M.
G. O. Matthews
F. Michelmore
T. H. Moore
A. J. Nichols
J. J. W. Nicholson
C. J. Noble
S. Nock
F. S. Ovens
F. V. Page
B. E. Perry
R. H. Pitfield
E. Plimley
A. E- Porter
A. E. Price
R. J. Richardson
F. Raven
C. G. F. Redman
C. S. Rich
W. T. T. Richens
S. G. Saunders, M. M.
S. J. Seadding
P. S. Scott
P. Simons
D. J. Sims
F. E. Stanley
C. R. C. Tucker
D. F. Townsend
L. A. Wall
R. M. Webb
C. F. West
E. D. Westlake
F. Westwood
F. C. White
H. J. White
T, White
W. C. Wileock
E. E. Wilkes
and returned safely

Names WW I

F. Ball
C. E. Chandler
W. W. M. Dulin
A. B. Grellier
F. H. Isaacs
H. S. Lewis
W. E. Painter
R. Selwood
A. Smith
J. H. Taylor
H. Walker, D. C. M., M. M.
C. H. Wiltshire
These also answered the call
and made the great sacrifice

Requiescant in Pace

Their spirit lives for ever


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.


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