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War Memorial - Tannadice, Angus, Scotland

1914 - 1919  and  1939 - 1945

War Memorial WW I and WW II

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1914 - 1919

Charles C. Mitchell, Gnr.
H. M. S. Monmouth, Coronel
1st Nov 1914, aged 36

George Begg, Pte.
1st Scotch Guards, La Bassee
25th Jan 1915, aged 24

Alex. Begg, Pte.
4/5th Black Watch, Somme
29th Sep 1916, aged 22

Arthur Murray, Pte.
Seaforth Hrs., Ricket, Mesopot-
amia, 5th Nov 1917, aged 19

Joseph C. Beedie, Pte.
1st East Kent Buffs, France
17th March 1917, aged 34

Charles P. Beedie, Pte.
7th Bedfords, France
13th Aug 1917, aged 37

George Hebenton, Pte.
8th Black Watch, Delville Wood
15th July 1916, aged 21

George Sturrock, L/Cpl.
8th Black Watch, Somme
19th Oct 1916, aged 20

George Christie, Pte.
103 Canadian Inf., Vimy Ridge
9th Apr 1917, aged 42

John P. Clark, Sergt.
3rd Seaforth, Arras
1st May 1917, aged 26

Alex. Hosie, Pte.
1/7 Black Watch, Aubigny
19th May 1917, aged 20
1939 - 1945

Men loving life, but not
afraid to die
They are at peace, who
gave us peace.

David Anton, Pte.
3rd Bn. Black Watch

John McMurray
Driver, R. A. S. C.

George A. McNiven
Ld. Airm., Fleet Air Arm, R. N.

Frank H. Robertson
AC 1, R. A. F. V. R.

David Spalding, Cpl.
5th Bn. Black Watch

Athelstane C. E. Stourton
Capt., 3/7th Gurkha Rifles
1914 - 1919

William Hosie, Pte.
1/6th Black Watch, Thiant
24th Oct 1918, aged 20

E. G. McGarry, Gnr.
R. F. A, Ypres
15th Aug 1917, aged 29

William Lindsay, L/Cpl.
4/5 Black Watch, Villemontoire
Soissons, 1st Aug 1918, aged 31

William R. Crichton, Pte.
8th Black Watch, Zonnebeke
Ypres, 28th Sep 1917, aged 19

Charles Anderson, Pte.
2nd Royal Scots, Pernes
16th April 1918, aged 24

Charles White, Cpl.
A. &. S. Hrs., Sugar Loaf Hill
Salonika, 19th Sep 1918, aged 21

Robert Duthie, Sergt.
Black Watch, Auchy
6th Sep 1918, aged 24

James Winter, Sec. Lieut.
70 Squad. R. F. C., Poperinge
28th Feb 1918, aged 19

John Stirton, Pte.
1/7 Black Watch, Horchy, Cam-
brai, 21th Mar 1918, aged 30

Adam Fleming, Gnr.
R. G. A., France
21th Mar 1918, aged 38

David N. Adam, Pte., 2nd Can-
terbury Inf. N. Z. E. F., Mailly-
Maillet, 5th April 1918, aged 35


This page is dedicated to the 10 million victims of World War I and 60 million victims of World War II.
We should always remember the immense grief and loss each war brought to the world.


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