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The Times, published January 29th, 1843
Job Opportunity - Van Diemen's Land

For Van Diemen's Land see Wikipedia
Wanted, to proceed to Van Dieman's Land

under engagement for a term, and with a family who are about returning to the colony, a female, as cook in a small genteel family; and a middle aged female as general servant, in a family comprising a gentleman and his two sisters. Good personal references must be given.
Address, pre paid, to H. L., 5, Castle Street, Falcon Square.

The Hampshire Chronicle, published 9th February, 1850

The public should be on their guard against an imposter, calling himself Baker, who is traversing the country with a petition, purporting to have originated with the rector and churchwardens of Buriton, near Petersfield, recommending him to charitable notice, on account of having lost some horses. The signatures are all presumed to be forgeries. The fellow has been in the neighbourhood of Fareham, where he has duped a few kind-hearted individuals.

Newspaper Report - Motor-Car Prosecutions

The Times, published November 25th, 1904
Newspaper Report - Motor-Car Prosecutions Motor-Car Prosecutions

At Marlborough-Street, several persons were summoned before Mr. Kennedy for driving their motor-cars in Hyde Park at a greater speed than ten miles an hour, contrary to the Park rules. Among them was the Earl of Portarlington, of the Irish Guards. Sergeant Filie, of the A Division, deposed that on the 6th inst., during Church Parade, the defendant drove a motor-car in Hyde Park over a measured distance at the rate of 20 miles 800 yards an hour. When the car was stopped it was found that Lord Portarlington had not his licence with him. In defence, Lord Portarlington said that he might have been going over ten miles an hour, but he did not think he was going at the rate of 20 miles. At the time there was no one about in the Park. Mr. Kennedy imposed a fine of 20s., with 2s. costs, for exceeding the ten mile speed limit, and ordered the defendant to pay 5s., with 2s. costs, for not having his licence with him.

The Earl would have been Lionel Arthur Henry Seymour Dawson-Damer (1883 - 1959), the 6th Earl.

The Daily Scetch, published Thursday, July 10th, 1913
Life in the Foreign Legion

Paris, Wednesday.
So many Germans join the famous Foreign Legion that German newspapers, to put an end to the enlistments, are publishing articles showing the heavy penalties that have to be paid for adventure.
These have reached the soldiers serving in the Legion, and some have been moved to reply. One sends from Marocco interesting facts about his life.
Here is the soldiers' menu for Sunday:

Breakfast: Chocolate and milk.
Luncheon: Soup, herring salad, hard boiled eggs, sauerkraut, beefsteak, carrots, prunes in wine, wine and coffee.
Supper: Soup, plate of meat, vegetables, desert, wine and coffee.
The pay for men who re-enlisted is 8s. 1d. every ten days, and all who take the trouble to seek advancement can have it. The discipline is of a paternal kind, and less severe than in certain regim ents in the East of France, says the soldier, who thus sums up the treatment of the "legionaires": "They are happy, well fed, dressed and lodged, and well treated."

Newspaper Report - Life in the foreign Legion

The Hampshire Chronicle & Surrey Advertiser, Wednesday, 27 June 1917
Newspaper Report - Fined for feeding birds Fined for Feeding Birds

An aged woman was fined £2 at Woking on Saturday for wasting bread by distributing crumbs to the birds. A Police-man said he collected half a pound of bread. The woman wept. “The birds are my children” she said, “and I have a dog which is my son. I have nothing else to love since my poor boy was killed in Mesopotamia.

The Western Daily Press in 1929
Bristol Invention

This signal device for motor-cars was recently demonstrated before the Ministry of Transport in London by the Bristol Radiator Company, 40, Lower Ashley Road.

Bristol Invention

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