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Robert Abbott Farrar

Memorial Card - Robert Abbott Farrar Memorial Card - Robert Abbott Farrar
In loving memory

Robert Abbott

who died May 28th, 1913,
aged 8 years.

Peace, perfect peace.

Interred in Caversham Cemetery.
And shall I weep, my precious one,
That thou hast reached thy home so soon;
Our mourn the lot thy God has given,
Little of earth and much of heaven-
Mourn that a port was found for thee
When scarcely launched on life's dark sea.


Alfred Fathers

Memorial Card - Alfred Fathers In loving memory of


the dearly-loved husband of Emma Fathers,
who died August 28th, 1925,
aged 51 years.
Memorial Card - Alfred Fathers
I was so long with pain oppressed
   It wore my strength away,
And made me long for heavenly rest
   Which never can decay.

Alfred Fathers was born in Northampton, Northamptonshire in 1874. His parents were John and Alice Anna Fathers, nee Williamson. He was married with Emma Nutt and died in Northamton on 28 August 1925.


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