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The Shields Daily Gazette, Friday, May 27, 1898
In memoriam

In affectionate remembrance of Clemmett, beloved husband of Annie Fawcett; also the dear son of James Fawcett, who was accidentally killed at W. Black's North Eastern Foundry, on May 27th, 1897. Ever remembered by all friends.

The Consett Chronicle, February 4, 1910
In memoriam notices of the year of 1909

5th February 1909:
William Fairish, Burnhope, 47 years
21st May 1909:
Jane, widow of W. Fairlamb, Blackhill, 80 years
9th June 1909:
Margaret, widow of E. Farnworth, Consett, 67 years
31st August 1909:
Jane, daughter of the late W. Farish, Stanley, 10 months

The Northern Echo, October 24, 1925

Obituary - J. S. Farmer

The death has taken place at Chard, Somerset, of Mr. J. S. Farmer, who was at one time a well-known solicitor practising at Stockton, of the firm of Crosby, Farmer and Crosby, a firm which was dissolved over 20 years ago. Subsequently Mr. Farmer practised at Stockton on his own account. In 1916, owing to ill-health, he disposed of his practice to Mr. Miles Bolsover. Since 1916 Mr. Farmer lived in retirement at Chard, Somerset. He leaves a widow and a grown-up family.

(Published in the "Northern Echo" on October 24, 1925)

The Brooklyn Eagle, Saturday, October 21, 1944
Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA

89 Boro, L. I. Soldiers are killed in Action.
Washington, Oct. 20 - The War Department made public today the names of 2,818 soldiers killed in action in the European and Mediterranean areas. The following 89 Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island men are included:

Falk, Pvt., Henry - Paul Falk, brother, 811 Vermont St.

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