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The Brooklyn Eagle, Saturday, October 21, 1944
Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA

89 Boro, L. I. Soldiers are killed in Action.
Washington, Oct. 20 - The War Department made public today the names of 2,818 soldiers killed in action in the European and Mediterranean areas. The following 89 Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island men are included:

Zagofsky, Pfc., Hermann J. - Mrs. Bertha B. Zagofsky, wife,
436 Snediker Ave.
Zanfini, Pvt., Salvatore J. - Carnella Zanfini, sister, 148 Fulton St.
Zanoni, Sgt., Ernest B. - Mrs. Lina Banvinetti, sister, 274 Cooper St.
Zellman, Corp., Theodore M. - Samuel Zellman, father, 512 Montgomery St.
Zucker, Pvt., Irving. - Mrs. Tillie A. Zucker, wife, 1514 Sterling Place.

Herman J. Zagofsky was born on 08 March 1919 in New York. His parents were Beril Benjamin Dawidowicz Zagowski and Sadie Zagowski, nee Grapes. He was married with Bertha Blatter Zagofsky. He felt on 25 July 1944 in France and was interred in the Wellwood Cemetery, East Farmingdale, Suffolk, New York.

Salvatore J. Zanfini's sister was Carmella M. Zanfini. He served with the 12th Field Artillery Observation Battalion and died on 29 June 1944. He was interred in the Cambridge American Cemetery, Coton, England. He awarded the Purple Heart.

Ernest B. Zanoni was born on 15 February 1917 in Brooklyn, New York. He served with the Coy. B, 25th Engineers and felt on 20 July 1944. He was interred in the Cypress Hills National Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York, on 26 April 1949.

Theodore Martin Zellman was born on 30 June 1925 in Brooklyn, New York. His parents were Samuel and Gertrude Zellman, nee Asher. He felt on 05 August 1944 in France.

Irving Zucker was born on 02 February 1910 in Russia. His parents were Benjamin and Lena Zucker, nee Nissenbaum. His wife was Tillie Solomon Tooter (1916-2015). He served with the 329th Infantry Regiment and felt on 26 July 1944 in France. He was interred in the United Hebrew Cemetery, Richmond, New York.


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