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Jane Elizabeth Calver

Memorial Card - Jane Elizabeth Calver In Loving Memory of

Jane Elizabeth Calver

who died at Burnham Market,
May the 24th, 1889,
aged 65 years.
Memorial Card - Jane Elizabeth Calver

"God's will be done."

Elizabeth Carr

Memorial Card - Elizabeth Carr In Loving Remembrance of

Elizabeth Carr

the dearly beloved wife of Thomas Carr,
who died Feb. 19th, 1907,
aged 61 years.

Interred in North Gosforth Cemetery.
Memorial Card - Elizabeth Carr Farewell, dear husband, my life is past,
truly thou loved me to the last,
weep not for me, nor sorrow take,
but love our children for my sake.

Samuel Cooper Carr

Memorial Card - Samuel Cooper Carr In Loving Memory of

Samuel Cooper Carr,
of Castleford,

who departed this life February 7th, 1901,
in his 38th year.
Farewell dear wife, my life is past,
May you and I unite at last;
Mourn not for me nor sorrow make,
But love my children for my sake.
In blooming youth he was cut down,
   No longer could he stay;
It was his blessed Saviour's will
   To call him hence away.

Samuel Cooper Carr was baptised on 02 October 1864 in St. Cuthbert's Church, Stella, Durham, England. His parents were Joseph and Mabel Carr. He married Mary Sykes in Whitwood Mere, Yorkshire, England on 13 August 1887. He had one son in the 1891 Census: Percy Carr, who was born abt. 1889. Samuel's grave can be found in All Saints Churchyard, Castleford, Yorkshire.


Frank Cavill

Memorial Card - Frank Cavill In Loving Memory

Frank Cavill,

who departed this life 28 Nov., 1922,
aged 53 years.

Interred at St. Marylebone cemetery, Finchley.
Private grave.
Memorial Card - Frank Cavill Weep not for me I am free from pain,
My earthly troubles o'ver,
I hope to meet you all again,
Upon a peaceful shore.

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