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Harry Cobbold

Memorial Card - Harry Cobbold In loving memory

Private Harry Cobbold
7th Royal Fusiliers,

the beloved son of Horace Cobbold,
who died of wounds in France on
Feb. 28th, 1917
aged 22 years.

His cheerful smile, his loving face,
No one on earth can fill his place.

John P. Coll

Memorial Card - John P. Coll "Have pity on me, have pity
on me, at least you my friends."
Job XIX. 21

In your charity pray for

Rev. John P. Coll C. Ss. R.

Born April 23, 1900
Professed August 2, 1922
Ordained June 12, 1929
Died July 20, 1939


O God, who has adorned thy servant John, with sacerdotal dignity among Apostolic Priests, grant, we beseech thee, that he may be associated with them in everlasting fellowship, through Christ our Lord. Amen. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord! And let perpetual light shine upon him. May his soul rest in peace. Amen


Nelly Louise Collins

Memorial Card - Nelly Louise Collins In loving memory

Nelly Louise Collins,

on the 22nd of April, 1896,
aged 18 years.
Memorial Card - Nelly Louise Collins Oh! Not in cruelty, not in wrath,
the reaper came that day;
"Twas an angel visited the green earth,
and took the flower away.

Hush! Be every murmur dumb;
it is only till he come.

Peter Collins

Memorial Card - Peter Collins In Affectionate Remembrance of

Peter Collins,

beloved husband of Margaret Collins,
of Cowpen Square, Blyth,
who died on December 17th, 1905
aged 43 years.
Interred at Cowpen Cemetery, Dec. 20th.

Farewell, dear wife, my life is past,
truly thou loved me to the last,
weep not for me, nor sorrow take,
but love our children for my sake.

Weep not for me, my children dear;
I am not dead, but sleeping here,
I was not yours, but Christ's alone;
he loved me best, and took my home.

James Croft Collinson

Memorial Card - James Croft Collinson In Affectionate Remembrance

James Croft Collinson,

third son of
Samuel and Eliza Collinson,
(of Scorton),
who deoarted this life at Middleham, April 21st, 1875
aged 17 years.

Death with its dart did pierce my heart,
When I was in my prime;
Mourn not for me my parents dear,
"Twas God's appointed time."

Christiania Cook

Memorial Card - Christiania Cook In Loving Memory


the beloved wife of Thomas William Cook,
died June 17th, 1914.

Aged 58 years.

102, Wood Street
Interred at Scartho Road Cemetery.
Memorial Card - Christiania Cook When a mother breathes her last farewell,
The stroke means more than words can tell;
This home seems quite another place,
Without a smile of mother's face.

Edith Rhoda Cook

Memorial Card - Edith Rhoda Cook In Loving Memory

Edith Rhoda,

the beloved and only daughter of Tom and Edith Cook,
of Scunthorpe,
who departed this life February 23th, 1908,

aged 9 months.
Memorial Card - Edith Rhoda Cook
Weep not for me my parents dear,
    Nor yet be over sad,
The fewer years I lived on earth,
    The fewer faults I had.

My pains were great, no tongue can tell
What I endured when I was ill;
The Lord in mercy thought it best
To take me to my heavenly rest.

Elsie Cook

Memorial Card - Elsie Cook In Loving Memory

Elsie Cook

Dearly beloved daughter of George and Mary Jane Cook,
of 45, Severn Grove, Canton, Cardiff.
Who passed away 20th May 1937.

Aged 31 Years.

Interred at Western Cemetery Ely, Cardiff.
Section K, No. 473.
Memorial Card - Elsie Cook "God fakes our loved ones from our homes,
but never from our hearts."

Gone from us, but not forgotten,
  Never shall thy memory fade;
Sweetest thoughts shall ever linger
  Round the spot where thou art laid.

Houghton Bros., Undertakers, Canton Bridge, Cardiff, Tel. 5566

Emily Ann Cook

Memorial Card - Emily Ann Cook In Loving Memory of

Emily Ann,

the beloved wife of John Cook,
of New Brumby,
who died April 25th, 1905,

aged 25 years.
Memorial Card - Emily Ann Cook
Mother, we miss thee when the morning dawns,
We miss thee when the night returns;
We miss thee here, we miss thee there,
Dear Mother, we miss thee everywhere!

   A light is from our household gone,
      A voice we loved it still;
   A vacant chair is in our home,
      Which none can ever fill.

Interred in the Brumby Cemetery on the 29th.

Henry Cooper

Memorial Card - Henry Cooper In Loving Memory

Henry Cooper,

of Charnes,
born April 4th, 1836
died January 7th, 1896.

Buried at Croxton, January 11th.

"Thy will be done."

James Cooper

Memorial Card - James Cooper In Loving Memory of


husband of Catherine Cooper,
(of Edenham,)
who departed this life December 2nd, 1896,
in his 74th year.

Interred at Edenham, December 5th, 1896.

"His end was peace."

He will never be forgotten,
Never from our memory fade;
But our thoughts will ever linger
Round the grave where he is laid.

Sarah Cooper

Memorial Card - Sarah Cooper In loving memory of


the beloved daughter of Robert & Mary Cooper,
of Lingmoor
born July 25th, 1884
died February 24th, 1899.

Weep not, dear parents, but be content,
for I was only to you lent;

In love we lived, in peace I died,
you asked my life but was denied.
Memorial Card - Sarah Cooper Interred at Lastingham,
on Monday, February 27th,
at 3 o'clock.

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