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The Consett Chronicle, February 4, 1910
In memoriam notices of the year 1909

2nd March 1909:
William Thompson, Medomsley, 90 years
20th March 1909:
Mary I., wife of Arnold Thomas, Consett, 29 years
1st April 1909:
Mary A., daughter of W. Thirlway, Stoneyheap, 5 years
11th April 1909:
Herbert, son of G. Thorn, Langley Park, 6 months
16th April 1909:
William, son of Alfred Thompson, Stanley, 15 years
20th May 1909:
Charles Thompson, Jaw Blades, 80 years
22nd May 1909:
Lizzie, wife of J. W. Thompson, Burnopfield, 31 years
18th September 1909:
Thomas Thompson, Burnhopefield, 80 years

The Consett Chronicle, February 4, 1910
West Stanley Colliery Disaster, Townley Seam, 16 Feb 1909

Thomas Thompson, Stanley, 22 years

The Examiner, Thursday, September 29, 1918
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

The late Captain Thomas
Devonport, Wednesday.

The funeral of the late Capt. E. Q. Thomas took place this afternoon in St. Paul's Churchyard. Rev. G. Rowe, B. A., conducting the burial service in the church and at the graveside.
There was a large attendance, including councilors, the Master Warden (Mr. Watt), and other wardens of the marine board, Messra. Stackhouse, Parker, and O'Connor, and most representative gathering of public men.
A large number of floral tributes were placed on the grave. Deceased's brother, Mr. Ben Thomas, and nephew (Mr. V. Thomas), and Messra. Thomas, Northdown (cousins), Littler, and Murray (nephews) were the chief mourners.
The deceased was born in 1855, and was a son of the late B. W. Thomas, the squire of Appledore estate, and one of the earliest settlers on the Mersey, as it was then called, and a nephew of the late Captain Edward Thomas, who was killed by the blacks of the Port Sorell district at Northdown, in the early days.
He had four brothers, two of whom survive, Messrs. Llewellyn and Ben Thomas, also four sisters, the Misses T. K. and L. Thomas, Mrs. W. J. Lovett, and Mrs. H. C. Littler, all of whom reside at Devonport.
The deceased was married twice, Mrs. Thomas arriving this morning by the Rotomahana from the mainland.
Captain Thomas in his earlier days followed a seafaring life, and in 1878-79 was mate of the twin-screwed steamer Rosedale, the late Captain J. Anthon being master, and was a regular trader from the Don and Mersey Rivers to Melbourne. When the late V. D. L. Bank closed its doors the captain was hit very hard, and went over to the mainland and was engaged in the Manila trade for some years, being very successful. He returned to Devonport to live some years ago, and interested himself in mining on the East Coast of Tasmania.
He was fond of horse-racing, owning amongst others Kia Ors and Ettie Chiron.
The captain always refrained from entering public life, although on many occasions he was asked to allow himself to be nominated for the municipal council honours. Much sympathy is felt for Mrs. Thomas, as she herself is just over a severe operation.

The Times, September 04, 1944
London, England, UK

On Sept. 2, 1944, at Cambridge, Harry Wallace, beloved husband of Kate Sarah Thrussell, of 98, Chesterton Road, Cambridge, in his 70th year. Funeral service, Emmanuel Church, 2 p. m., tomorrow (Wednesday). No flowers, please.
On Sept. 3, 1944, at "Cluden", Amersham Road, Beaconsfield, Bucks, Jane Ann (Jennie) Thompson, of "Rokeby", Uphill Road, N. W. 7, for 53 years the beloved wife of the late Thomas Robson Thompson, and precious mother of Grace and Ethel, Funeral Sept. 7, St. Paul's Churchyard, Mill Hill, N. W. 7, at 11.30. - Romans XIV, 8.

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