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The Times, November 25, 1904

On the 23rd inst., at 3, Queen Anne-avenue, Bromley, Kent, Sophia Ann, wife of Ambrose Collard, late of Monkton, Isle of Thanet, aged 72. No flowers.

The Consett Chronicle, February 4, 1910
In memoriam notices of the year 1909

1st January 1909:
Ivy, daughter of Henry Coxon, Tanfield, 7 month
11th January 1909:
Winifred, daughter of Ed. Coleman, Flint Hill, 23 month
23rd January 1909:
Ellen, daughter of A. Collett, Annfield Plain, 2 years
24th January 1909:
John Coxon, Stanley, 67 years
1st February 1909:
James R. Costello, Leadgate, 30 years
14th February 1909:
John Coulthard, Blackhill, 52 years
24th February 1909:
Mary, widow of H. Cooke, Shields Row, 64 years
16th March 1909:
Norman, son of James Cowan, Oxhill, 19 months
19th March 1909:
Agnes, daughter of J. Cockrane, White-le-field, 4 years
10th May 1909:
Mary, widow of Mark Cowan, Stanley, 68 years
13th May 1909:
Jane, wife of William Coxon, Kyo, 41 years
15th May 1909:
Richard, son of E. J. Corkin, Stanley, 9 months
22nd May 1909:
Harold, son of E. J. Corkin, Stanley, 4 years
3rd June 1909:
Isabel, wife of Edwin Coldbeck, Satley, 52 years
18th June 1909:
Terence Corrigan, Consett, 32 years
2nd July 1909:
John Coates, Lanchester, 38 years
23rd July 1909:
George E. Collin, Oxhill, 62 years
29th July 1909:
Jane S., wife of Ed. Cook, Tanfield, 76 years
15th August 1909:
William, son of William Coates, West Kyo, 2 years
28th August 1909:
James, son of James Cockburn, Stanley, 17 months
29th September 1909:
John Coxson, Craghead, 65 years

The Consett Chronicle, February 4, 1910
West Stanley Colliery Disaster, Townley Seam, 16 Feb 1909

Matthew Coulson, Stanley, 20 years
Thomas Coulson, Stanley, 62 years
Mark Cown, Stanley, 66 years
Thomas Coyne, Stanley, 29 years

The Northern Echo, 11 December 1930

Cowley - Elizabeth Hilda Cowley, daughter of Mrs. E. Wood, Middlestone Moor, Spennymoor. Interment Saturday, December 13th.

In Memoriam

Collingwood - Ever remembered and still clinging to the sweet memory of our dear mother, who died 11 December 1926. Ever remembered by her loving sons and daughters. - 3, Dale-terrace, Roddymore, Crook.

The Brooklyn Eagle, Saturday, October 21, 1944
Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA

89 Boro, L. I. Soldiers are killed in Action.
Washington, Oct. 20 - The War Department made public today the names of 2,818 soldiers killed in action in the European and Mediterranean areas. The following 89 Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island men are included:

Cohen, Corp., Jacob - Harry Cohen, father, 405 Bristol St.

Probably: Jacob Cohen was born about 1926 in New York. His parents were Harry and Pauline Cohen. He entered the US Army on 04 August 1944.

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