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Trewman & Exeter Flying Post, January 18, 1838

January 12, the Rev. Robert Cutcliffe, for many years Incumbent of Seaton and Beer, in this country, aged 77.

The Consett Chronicle, February 4, 1910
In memoriam notices of the year of 1909

5th April 1909:
Mary I., daughter of J. Cuthbertson, Craghead, 21 years
10th May 1909:
Bryan J., son of J. Cunningham, Burnhope, 18 years
29th June 1909:
George Cumberledge, Catchgate, 60 years

The Consett Chronicle, February 4, 1910
West Stanley Colliery Disaster, Townley Seam, 16 Feb 1909

Joseph Cummins, West Pelton, 28 years

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