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McKenzie, McKeown, McNaughton

To the newspapers

John McKenzie

Memorial Card - John McKenzie In affectionate remembrancve

John McKenzie,

who departed this life, May 23rd, 1899,
aged 64 years.

Memorial Card - John McKenzie He's gone to his rest, his troubles are o'er,
    He's done with his sorrow and pain;
The ills of this life, which he patiently bore
    Shall never distress him again.

Farewell, my weeping children, farewell,
    My dearest friends, adieu.
Ere long I hope in heaven to dwell,
    And then I'll welcome you.

With the family's kind regards.


Lily McKeown

Memorial Card - Lily McKeown In Loving Memory of


dearly beloved wife of Patrick McKeown,
and youngest daughter of Isabella and the late
Thomas Stephenson, of Cowpen Colliery, Blyth,
who passed away February 7th, 1924
aged 25 ½ years.

Interred at Cowpen Cemetery, Feb. 10th.
November 28th, 1944

Memorial Card - Lily McKeown I was so long with pain oppressed,
that wore my strength away,
it made me long for endless rest,
which never can decay.


William Duncan McNaughton

Memory Card - William Duncan McNaughton In affectionate remembrance of

William Duncan McNaughton,

of Lealholm,
who died August 15th, 1907,
aged 41 years.

Interred at Lealholm Churchyard at 5 o'clock,
August 17th, 1907.


Ma  Mc  Me  Mi  Mo  Mu 

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