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The Consett Chronicle, February 4, 1910
In memoriam notices for March 1909

10th March 1909:
Joseph son of James Metcalfe, Mountsett, 2 year

The Consett Chronicle, February 4, 1910
In memoriam notices for April 1909

17th April 1909:
John, son of John Melia, Dipton, 15 months

The Consett Chronicle, February 4, 1910
In memoriam notices for August 1909

7th August 1909:
Samuel, son of F. Messenger, West Kyo, 4 years

The Times, January 28, 1928

Mele Barese
On Jan. 28, 1920, at Viareggio, Elizabeth Lillian (nee Mackworth) Pread, widow of Prince Mele Barese, Foundress of the Naples Society for the Protection of Animals.

The News of the World, May 06, 1937
Obituary of the Week

Lieut.-Col. Cecil Henry Meares,
late of the R. A. F., at the Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, British Columbia, in his early fifties. He was a member of Scott's last expidition to the Antarctic, when he was in charge of the dogs.

Cecil Henry Meares was born in Instioge, Ireland on 17 February 1876. His mother, Helena Jane Meares (1850-1876), nee Townsend, died only a few days after his birth on 20 February 1876. He was given to relatives (Cowan family) in Ayrshire, Scotland where he was grown up. His father, Henry John Meares (1848-1919) was a soldier and was garrisoned in British colonies and had remarried a member of the Cowan family. Henry Cecil Meares married Annie Christina Spengler (1880-1974) in St. Marylebone, England, on 06 February 1915. He also was a soldier and fought in the Crimean War and in the Boer War. He died in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on 12 May 1937.

The Brooklyn Eagle, Saturday, October 21, 1944
Brooklyn, New York, New York, USA

89 Boro, L. I. Soldiers are killed in Action.
Washington, Oct. 20 - The War Department made public today the names of 2,818 soldiers killed in action in the European and Mediterranean areas. The following 89 Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island men are included:

Meyer, 1st Lt., William H. - Henry Meyer, father, 101-32 119th St.,
Richmond Hill

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