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Franz X. Stadler

Zum Andenken im Gebete
an den ehrengeachteten Herrn

Franz X. Stadler
Maschinist in Oberheufeld,

welcher am 1. Februar 1950 nach kurzer schw. Krankheit, nach Empfang der heil. Sterbsakaramente im Alter von 60 ½ Jahren selig im Herrn verschied.

Du gingst so schlicht, so einfach durch
    das Leben,
Hast keine Arbeit, keine Müh' gescheut
Warst immer heiter und zufrieden
Solange Dir Gott das Leben deut.

Nun schlafe wohl in Deiner stillen
Du liebes, gutes Vaterherz,
Du bist befreit von allem Jammer,
Nie mehr betrübt Dich bitt'rer Schmerz.

Jesus, Maria und Josef, in eure Hände übergebe ich meine Seele.

O Herr, gib ihm die ewige Ruhe.
Obituary - Franz X. Stadler To the remembrance in prayers
of the respected Mr.

Franz X. Stadler
Machinist in Oberheufeld,

who died after a short but serious illness, after the receive of the last rites, on 1 February 1950, aged 60 ½ years.

You went so simple, so easy through
    the life
You haven't spared no work and no effort
You were always cheerful and satisfied
As long as God leaded you through the life.

Sleep well in your quite chamber
You dear, good father's heart
You are released from all grief
You are never more saddened
    by bitter pain.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, into your hands I commend my soul.

O Lord, grant him eternal rest.

Grace Stenlake

Memorial Card - Grace Stenlake In Loving Memory


widow of Robert Stenlake, of Smallacombe, Lifton,
who died at Abbotts Hendra, Dividstow,
on Tuesday, March 5th, 1901,
aged 76 years.

Interred at Treneglos Church, March 11th,
leaving the house at 2 p. m.

Mary Stephenson

Memorial Card - Mary Stephenson In Loving Memory of

Mary Stephenson,

of Tudhoe Colliery
who died May 28th, 1909,
aged 80 years.

To be interred at Tudhoe Cemetery, on Monday,
May 31st, 1909.

Cortege to leave residence, 60, Attwood Terrace, Tudhoe
Colliery, at 2.30 p. m.

William Stevens

Memorial Card - William Stevens In Loving Remembrance of

William Stevens,

of Corby,
who died December 6th, 1901,
aged 35 years.

Rock of ages, eleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee.
Farewell, affectionate father and
      mother dear,
   Brother and sisters kind,
And my companions whom I loved,
   I leave you all behind.
I was so long with pain oppressed,
   That wore my strength away;
It made me long for endless rest
   Which never can decay.

Nellie Street

Memorial Card - Nellie Street In loving memory

Nellie Street,

who passed away January 3rd, 1936.
Aged 47 years.

Interred in Wincanton Cemetery
on Tuesday, January 7th, 1936.
Memorial Card - Nellie Street
I heard the voice of Jesus say,
   "Come unto Me and rest,
Lay down, thou weary one, lay down
   Thy head upon my breast."

I camr to Jesus as I was,
   Weary and worn and sad;
I found in Him a resting place,
   And He has made me glad.

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