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Minnie Kate Ambrose

Memorial Card - Minnie Kate Ambrose In Loving Memory

Minnie Kate Ambrose

who entered into rest 26th July, 1954
aged 76 years.
Interred in
West Ham Cemetery
Grave No. 143136   Section N E
Memorial Card - Minnie Kate Ambrose God takes our loved one from our homes,
But never from our hearts.

Alice Amos

Memorial Card - Alice Amos In Affectionate Memory of


(Widow of Frank Amos)
who entered into her rest, Nov. 13th, 1915
in her 59th year.

Interred in Stanford Churchyard

"Thy will be done."

Memorial Card - Alice Amos When the dewey light was fading,
and the sky in beauty smiles,
came a whisper, like an echo,
is there room for Alice there.

In the bright and golden region,
with its pearly gates so fair;
she is singing with the angels,
yes, there's room for Alice there.

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