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George Adamson

Memorial Card - George Adamson In Loving Memory of


the beloved husband of Margaret Adamson, 7, Church
Street, Quarrington Hill
(Late of Dene House Farm, Cassop),
who died on Wednesday, August 22nd, 1917,
aged 74 years.

"His end was peace."

To be interred at St. Paul's Churchyard, Quarrington Hill,
on Sunday, August 26th, at 3 p. m.
Service at the Wesleyan Chapel at 2 p. m.
Memorial Card - George Adamson Yet again we hope to meet thee,
    When this day of life is fled,
And in heaven we hope to greet thee,
    Where no farewell tears are shed.

My weary limbs are now at rest;
    Suffering and pain with me are o'er;
I go to meet the friends whom Christ hath blest
    In heaven to part no more.

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