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Aplin, Appleby

Thomas Aplin

Memorial Card - Thomas Aplin In Loving Memory

Thomas Aplin,

beloved husband of Lilian Aplin,
who entered into rest on
May 2nd, 1933,
aged 37 years.

"In the midst of life we are in Death."

2, Little Carlton Street,

William Henry Aplin

Memorial Card - William Henry Aplin In loving memory of

William Henry Aplin,

who passed away January 11th, 1929
aged 25 years.

Interred at St. Mary's Churchyard, Kilve, January 14th.
Memorial Card - William Henry Aplin Good was his heart and in friendship sound,
    Patient in pain and loved by all around;
His pains are o'er his griefs for ever done,
    A life of everlasting joy he's now begun.

His bright smile filled our home with gladness.

George Basil Appleby

Memorial Card - George Basil Appleby In loving memory

George Basil Appleby,

the beloved and only son of John and Jane Appleby,
who died at Tring February 29th, 1888
aged 4 years and 8 months.
Memorial Card - George Basil Appleby
"Taken!" we could not give him,
We tried to hold him fast,
    But it might not be;
    Then in agony
We were forced to yield at last.

"Taken!" ah, yes! God took him
To his own bright home of joy;
    And our spirits yearn,
    As they homeward turn,
To behold again our boy.

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