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George Anderson

Memorial Card - George Anderson In Affectionate Remembrance

George Anderson,

who died at Cambois, April 29th, 1898,
aged 80 years.

Interred at Cambois church-yard on May 1.
Memorial Card - George Anderson
My weary limbs are now at rest,
Suffering and pain with me are o'er;
I go to meet the friends whom Christ hath blest,
In heaven to part no more.

Jane Andrews

Memorial Card - Jane Andrews Died

in Townsend, on Saturday, Nov. 5th, 1921,

Mrs. Jane Andrews,

in her 94th year.
Memorial Card - Jane Andrews Funeral

Will be held from her late residence, Renton,
on Tuesday, Nov. 8th, at 2 o'clock p. m., to
Trinity Church, Simcoe, for service, thence to
St. John's Cemetery, for interment.

Henry Ansell

Memorial Card - Henry Ansell In Affectionate Remembrance
of the late

Henry Ansell,

of Pershall,
who died March 17th,
and was interred at Eccleshall, March 21st, 1885,
aged seventy-three.
Memorial Card - Henry Ansell
His end was peace.

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