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Ann Armstrong

Memorial Card - Ann Armstrong In Loving Memory

Ann Armstrong,

(of Swinstead)

Born April 12th, 1916;
died June 30th, 1897.
Memorial Card - Ann Armstrong "Be ye also ready, for ye know not the hour when
    the son of man cometh."

Farewell the cross 'neath which so long
    I've watched and fought below,
And welcome now the harp and song
    That wait me where I go;
Yet, Oh, that cross must still be dear.
    Though borne through many a sorrow here.

John Armstrong

Memorial Card - John Armstrong Memorial Card - John Armstrong
In Loving Memory of

John Armstrong,

beloved husband of Annie Armstrong,
who departed this life March 13th, 1901,
aged 29 years.

Interred at Dinnington Churchyard.
Farewell, dear wife, my life is past,
Truly thou loved me to the last,
Grieve not for me nor sorrow take,
But love our children for my sake.

Isabella Arnold

Memorial Card - Isabella Arnold In affectionate memory of

Isabella Arnold,

of Middleham
who departed this life 26th April, 1874,
aged 63 years.

Interred at Middleham April 29.


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